The sun was high and the sky a clear blue when I went up, by the time I came down, night had fallen, the moon and stars were out, and the magic of Paris sat perfectly in the air. 

The first time I went up the Eiffel tower I was alone. It was a gorgeous day in late August, perfect for viewing the city.  There was no glass wall or high security back then, and the ticket lines snaked under the iron giant itself. After buying a ticket I moved to one of the queues awaiting my turn to go up one of the enormous elevators.

Exiting the elevator, I looked over Paris allowing myself time to take in all its beauty. I navigated my way around the different levels, my mind ignoring the mass of tourists. As I absorbed the extraordinary views, the sun started it’s daily descent bathing the city with glorious pink and golden hues. After some time, the sunlight was replaced by dazzling lights scattered throughout the city against the night sky. 

What I had supposed would be a couple hour visit at most, had turned into an exquisite, several hours contemplative experience in which I was wholly immersed in the canvas of Paris.

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