Photo by Meir Roth from Pexels

It had been a long 24 hours flying, missed connections, and re-routing, but I was finally at my destination – the United States of America. Ever present along the drive from Denver Airport to my new home in Colorado Springs were fast food chains with their large billboards thrust in our view and so we decided to make a quick food stop. 

Not growing up around any Taco Bells, I was seduced by the idea that tex-mex in any form had to be delicious. We went inside and after carefully checking the board I ordered a burrito and small drink. This was back when my Kiwi accent was still thick and hard for Americans to understand so it was understandable when the lady serving me handed over a very large cup.

– “Sorry, I ordered a small, not a large.”

– “Yes ma’am, this is the small”.

– “Huh … umm, okay, thank you very much”.  Walking away very surprised.

And that was the day I realised food and drink portions in the USA really are a lot bigger!

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