About Made for Discovery

Welcome to Made for Discovery! A collection of my extensive travel stories, musings of life as a new mother, the tales and tragedies of my life, favourite reads and by extension, the things I learn, and delicious foods that find there way from Instagram to my table. That’s a mouthful so let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

Hi, I’m Michelle, a Kiwi (otherwise known as a New Zealander) who as a child would  often dream about discovering the world. After earnestly obtaining my degrees before the winds of travel whisked me away, I set sail for my first destination: Chile. So many experiences waited patiently to be shared, but for the longest time I was happiest keeping quiet as I took time to honour and just “be” in them.  After living in numerous countries, I met and “settled down” in Barcelona with my husband.  It was Motherhood that finally propelled me to gather my stories and share them.

Made for Discovery is the everything bagel in blog format; a lifestyle blog if you will. It’s my travel stories and suggestions. And it’s the life lived in-between the places, the sense that sews together the wanderlust. 

Although I share travel suggestions, my intention is not to give explicit guides. My motivation in sharing my experiences is to have us all put the camera down more often and feel the magic of travel. Also, despite sharing volumes of my own life I don’t seek to put my family out there in the same way. Their stories are theirs to share alone, whether it be through words or photos, so I will do my best to honour their privacy. Finally, I don’t write recipes, I find them and try them. Really, really good ones deserve to be shared, because sharing is caring! 

If you’re here by chance or a regular reader, thanks for following along!